Dear Children, I am your mother, and I am the Queen of Peace. My Son has sent me; do not be afraid of anything.

I have come to tell the world that God exists. He is the fullness of life, and to enjoy this fullness and peace, you must return to God.

The world is finding itself in great danger, and there is a threat it will destroy itself.

The time of Mercy is nearing its close, and I now urgently must speak to each of you, for it will soon be too late for conversion of heart, which is the one and only way to prepare yourself to look at Jesus eye to eye...

Some of you do not believe in God; perhaps because you see Him as incompatible with science, as an outdated myth on par with ancient pagan gods, or simply as an unneeded concept that causes more harm than good. To you I say that my Son is patiently awaiting the day when you, His beloved child, will finally choose to acknowledge Him and His presence in your brothers and sisters. He now gently coaxes you so that your response to Him in this passing life may be one of love and Faith and not of compulsion and sight. He has all eternity to let you bask in His unveiled beauty and goodness, but only these short few moments before your death to receive your Faith

Some of you have committed great sins; the remorse over them dominates your life and drains you of any hint of the joy that seems now like nothing but a faint memory in the most distant recesses of your soul. To you I say that all the bad you have done taken together is nothing but a minuscule drop in the vast ocean of my Son's mercy, and you need only raise your eyes to Him to see that He is next to you, gazing with love upon you, and waiting for you with open arms. You only offend my Son by turning away from His embrace, for He has said "My child, all your sins have not wounded My Heart as painfully as your present lack of trust does— that after so many efforts of My love and mercy, you should still doubt My goodness."

Some of you believe and practice your Faith, but do not strive to rise above lukewarmness and fulfill your calling to sainthood and Living in the Divine Will. But my Son has said "I have come to set the Earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing!" (Lk 12:49) None of my children are exempt from that joyful duty of becoming a great saint. You no doubt have many cares and anxieties that now draw you away from a life directed at sainthood, but remember "there is only one tragedy, ultimately: not to have been a saint."

Dear children, God does not want you lukewarm and undecided, but that you totally surrender to Him.

Lukewarm souls who have just enough warmth to keep them alive [...] My Heart cannot bear this. All the graces that I pour out upon them flow off them as off the face of a rock.

Some of you have simply drifted away from a once prayerful, God-centered life, and have grown so moored to an only half alive and self-centered existence that you have forgotten there is so much more outside your now draining daily grind. Perhaps detrimental relationships, career ambition, legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, sports, hobbies, finances, or television drew away the devotion that belongs alone to my Son. To you I say that you ought not wait for the inevitability of old age or ill health to reveal to you the frivolity of these pursuits, and their inability to give you meaning or save your soul. Turn your life now to the One who created you and to Whom you draw closer, by your approaching death, every minute of the day; my Son is not only your beginning and your end, but the only One Who even now can give you the happiness you crave and feel the absence of each morning.

Invoke the Father, He is waiting for you. Come back to Him. I am with you because He, in His mercy, sends me.

Some of you suffer from wounds so deep that you cannot bring yourself to anything but despair; perhaps inflicted by a divorce, an abortion, abuse, a lost loved one, or an offense committed against you that you cannot bring yourself to forgive. To you I say that if only you now choose to love my Son, then every single bad thing in your life occurred only because He is going to use it to bring about a good for you that could not have otherwise been -- a good so unspeakably great and beautiful that it is beyond your mind's current comprehension. If it were not so, my Son could not bear to see one hair of your head harmed; for they are so precious to Him that He has each one numbered (Mt 10:30). You need only run to His mercy and eagerly await with great joy the day that He has ordained for your vindication.

With His immeasurable love, He may burn and transform your sorrows into the joy of His resurrection...

Some of you consider yourselves spiritual, but not religious. And in your pursuit of a higher power you prefer to forge ahead on your own instead of joining my other children in organized religion. To you I say that Freedom of Spirit is not the alternative to organization, but rather, chaos and danger are. I ask you to strive to see past the imperfections and downright evils that are inevitable in any institution that exists in this earthly exile that I and my Son too once endured, so that you may experience the truest and deepest Communion possible with this Higher Power you so earnestly seek -- the Communion of becoming an actual member of Him; a member of the Body of Christ.

Little children, you live in a time in which God gives great graces but you do not know how to make good use of them.

Some of you live a promiscuous lifestyle; perhaps by acting impurely with yourself, viewing pornography, having pre-marital or extra-marital relations, using contraception, living the homosexual lifestyle, or any number of the behaviors that devastate the innocent beauty God created in you; being made in the image of my Son. To you I say that this most divine physical faculty, your sexuality by which you are granted the unfathomable privilege of being able to participate in God’s creative act, has the ability to enrich your life or destroy your life. If lived in accord with its design by God, then it will fulfill you. If used against its design, then it can do nothing else but utterly destroy you. If this state of desolation is where you now find yourself, know that you need only turn to my Son to be healed, for His love for you is infinite no matter your sins or inclinations.

An impure heart cannot be in my Son and with my Son. An impure heart cannot give the fruit of love and unity.

Some of you just don't care.

Now as never before Satan wants to show the world his shameful face by which he wants to seduce as many people as possible onto the way of death and sin.

Before I come as a just Judge, I first open wide the door of My mercy.

the awful day, the day of My justice, is near.

He who refuses to pass through the door of My mercy must pass through the door of My justice...

Some of you have turned to the New Age Movement; and in seeking greater meaning than the modern Western materialistic world provides, strive for meaning and transcendence through Eastern mysticism, yoga, astrology, reincarnation theories, energy healing, channeling, fortune telling, pseudoscience, pantheism, A Course in Miracles, the Law of Attraction, occultism, divination, magic, Wicca, or the like. To you I say that Jesus Christ is truly the Prince of Peace, you are so right in seeking more than what the materialists posit. But remember that there are also evil spirits (who love to appear as angels of light to deceive us), and only my Son can protect you from them, and only following the teachings that He lovingly gives can prevent us from straying into soul endangering spiritual pursuits.

Some of you have spent your entire life seeking true meaning and feel you have gotten nowhere; and in this pursuit you have exhausted so many self-help books, gurus, 12-step programs, diet regimens, fitness regimens, pills, self-esteem workshops, and anything and everything that seems like it might provide the epiphany and renewal you crave. To you I say that this thirst of your soul can only be permanently and fully quenched by the one who created it and desires to give Himself entirely to you as you give yourself entirely to Him in a complete mutual exchange of love wherein lies the essence of the meaning you seek.

I desire to show you the door of Heaven. I desire to tell you how it is opened: through goodness, mercy, love and peace - through my Son. Therefore, my children, do not waste time on vanities. Only knowledge of the love of my Son can save you..

Some of you reject Sacraments, Hierarchies, Creeds, and even "religion" in general. Perhaps from the influence of certain types of Fundamentalism, 19th century Christian religions, misunderstood Scriptural texts, or simply seeing all the evil in the institutional Church, you see these things as man-made additions to the pure worship of the One True God of the Bible. To you I say that my Son (and all those who preceded Him, and all those who followed Him for hundreds of years) spoke in no vague or merely spiritual terms when He spoke of The Church that He built on Peter (Mt 16:18). To take Him seriously is to not rest until you have found that real, visible Church to which He refers.

With the rosary you shall overcome all the adversities which Satan is trying to inflict on the Catholic Church.

Some of you have chosen your religion based on comfort and compatibility with the world; perhaps at the encouragement of “health and wealth gospel” preachers, a “progressive” Church, or your own personal interpretation of Scripture; these are religions that deny the reality of Heaven, Hell & Judgment, the Divinity of Christ, the inerrant Truth of the Bible, the necessity of a prayerful and moral life; or religions that encourage behaviors like contraception, promiscuity, homosexual acts, and divorce. To you I say that this deprives you of the grace and joy that an uncompromising submission to the Truth provides, and I beseech you to free yourself of these shackles that, even though masquerading as wings, serve only to bind you. You have the key to these shackles– the Holy Gospel of my Son. Open it and be transformed! Remember that my Son told His followers that they are not of the world; therefore one must choose whom to follow; my Son and His ways, or the world and its ways.

Satan, too, does not sleep and through modernism diverts you and leads you to his way. Therefore, little children, in the love for my Immaculate Heart, love God above everything and live His commandments.

Some of you have turned to spiritual gurus in seeking the spiritual leadership that is so lacking today, but find it in those who cannot give what they promise -- that for which you truly yearn. It may be Deepok Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Byron Katie, or any other leader who claims access to supernatural and life-fulfilling truths outside of or in contradiction to God’s complete revelation of Himself to us in Christ. To you I say that the rays of truth that these people provide - insightful and well intentioned as they are - may indeed provide benefits to you, but they make you overlook the dangerous admixture of error. Any good you may perceive in your life as a result of their leadership is nothing but a fleeting wisp compared to the infinite ocean of mercy and joy to which you have access in my Son alone.

I am your Mother, little children, and I do not want Satan to deceive you for He wants to lead you the wrong way, but he cannot if you do not permit him.

Some of you live your lives in the service of an intellectualization of reality. Perhaps you turn to relativism, pop psychology, Darwinism, postmodernism, reductionism, rationalism, gender theory, anarchism, Freudianism, radical feminism, subjectivism, utilitarianism, skepticism, positivism, nihilism, agnosticism, a political ideology, or any field of study that proposes to give ultimate answers to the greatest questions apart from God.

To you I say that your intellect is a true power of your soul, and its aim is the Truth. The devil, who is more intelligent than any human, knows how to lure you away from this proper object of your intellect by means of appealing to pride, lust, and other desires.

Acknowledging my Son is not a defeat of reason; it is its true triumph. He Himself is the Truth, and the greatest minds in the history of this world that He made have all acknowledged Him as Lord.

My Son alone is the answer to all of these problems. Come to me, and I will bring you to Him. I am your mother, and I will show you the Divine Mercy of my Divine Son.

Gaze with veneration upon this image of me that I blessed the world with almost 500 years ago:

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