"I see no point in worrying about religion, it won't change anything...

I haven't really bothered looking into it...I really just don't care...

I've got a lot going on and don't have time for this..."

But you do have time to read this short article.

It is an easy age to forget about God. Comfortable: physical hardship has been cut down to a small fraction of what it once was. Convenient: technology has ensured that life is relatively easy. "Enlightened": science has pushed God out of the modern mindset.

But it is not a happy age. Whoever you are, you certainly think about and plan how to make yourself happier.

You have probably been strategizing how to bring to yourself more security, comfort, wealth, possessions, recognition, pleasure, power, and popularity in hopes that it will achieve your goal. You forget to do the easiest thing: look at your past and realize that increases in these privileges have not made you happier, and nor will more of the same.

But the real deal-breaker for apathy is death. The unavoidable fact of death ought to shake the fence you sit on so violently that you are forced to choose a side. Either choose atheism and view

death as a meaningless end to a meaningless life, or choose the Truth: choose to believe in the God who made you for a reason and who desires you to reach your destiny on this world before you depart from it and enter into eternity after death- at which point it is fully decided where you will spend eternity, and too late to try again. There will be no use then asking God for a second chance. Right now -- this very moment -- is your second chance.

As you can see, this choice cannot be avoided; only delayed to your own detriment. Once made, this choice has enormous implications on how you live life. If you choose atheism, you may throw off the "shackles imposed upon you by believing in an invisible man in the sky."

If you choose Truth, your heart may be filled with Faith, Hope, and Love; and you may begin living even now the very Kingdom of Heaven that God proclaimed to be at hand when He took on flesh 2,000 years ago, that your joy may be complete.

The only purpose of your life is to use it to choose God. So why do you delay? Now is the time! Perhaps you see choosing God as something painful for you. It is not so, but even if it were: do you not see this is just like putting off from day to day swallowing a bitter medicine to fend off a lethal infection that is consuming you? This medicine will make you well again and fend off the impending doom that awaits. If you prefer enduring whatever state you are in simply so you need not taste the bitterness of the medicine, you are only inviting an unimaginably more horrible fate.

Perhaps you have heard all this advice before, and know how to dismiss it quickly and ensure it stays far from your heart.

But at least bear it in mind the next time mortality is made manifest before you: a sickness, an injury, the death of someone near to you, the image of an accident, the news of a disaster. Ponder then what you have read now.

This man was not ready for death. Of course, he did not know, going to work the morning of September 11th, 2001, that anything abnormal would happen.

Will there be anything abnormal about tomorrow?

Trust in Jesus; strive to follow His commandments, and you need not fear death. In fact, you may await it with eager anticipation and excitement as the day that your loving Father will welcome you into His arms.

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