New Age

"I search for peace and enlightenment in New Age spirituality; I use astrology, crystals, Tarot Cards, Reiki, yoga, the power of positive thinking, channeling, divination, and transcendental meditation.

I believe that "God" is all and all is "God." I believe in reincarnation, karma, energy auras, and personal transformation. New Age spirituality does for me what formal traditional religions do not.

I respect and learn more from Hindu, Pagan, Taoist, Buddhist, and Wiccan tradition than Judeo-Christian tradition."

It is very good to hear that you are spiritual in this modern world of atheism and materialism. It is so easy to see the emptiness in the materialistic mindset: in thinking that all our problems can be solved with the right pill, that the physical body is all there is and all that need be taken care of, that there is no benefit to natural things over synthetic attempts at mimicking them, and that technology will be the solution to all of our world's problems.

The faithful also flee from those grave errors of thinking. Some may have fallen victim to them, but do not permit those misguided souls to define your impression of Christ's Church. Rather, see the truly unmatched beauty spoken of by the mystics - they who make the most advanced Buddhist monk look like a worldly materialist! In fact, the Church encourages us all to become like these mystics, and ensures us that with God's grace we are capable of doing so.

You may now be a devout practitioner of New Age methods because you feel they work for you like traditional religion never did. But it is important that you understand that there are two sources of spiritual power: God and the devil. Just because you feel a certain method is powerful does not mean it is a good method. Priests often have to perform exorcisms on poor souls who have become possessed by demons through their new age practices. Just as a healthy exercise regimen does not involve steroid use, even though that may produce stronger and faster results, so a healthy spiritual regimen does not include new age methods; for if these do work, it is not by a power of good.

The very name of your movement, the New Age Movement, implies that you believe humanity is on the verge of a great transformation. Many Christians agree with you. They believe we are on the verge of cosmic Divine interventions, great trials, and afterwards a Glorious Reign of Peace. You do not need to be a part of the New Age movement to believe that our present age is nearing its close. You do not need to be a part of the New Age movement to be spiritual, to believe in healing, to believe in the Divine imprint on nature, or any number of beliefs you cling to that you perhaps were told you must abandon in order to join the Church.

The Devil is real. He is conquered by Our Lady, Queen of the Universe, pictured on this page crushing Satan's head (the serpent). Welcome her into your own life so that she may cast him out of any portion of it that he may have become a part.

But let us conclude by making one Truth absolutely clear: God has become man. The name of that man is Jesus Christ There is no way to God apart from God Himself.

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