Lukewarm Religion

"The times have changed and the Church needs to also. I have found a Church (or a parish, a priest, or a pastor) who understands this."

"I will never have any part of a Church that is not open to homosexuality, divorce, contraception, abortion, and women priests."

"I cannot be part of a Church that requires me to profess belief in wild teachings as literally true.... Angels, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the Incarnation, the Resurrection of Jesus, the Real Presence in the Eucharist, miracles occurring even today, Judgment Day at the end of time, and a real Heaven or Hell that we will physically reside in for all eternity....We know more today than we did before, and none of that can actually be true."

The Church on Earth, indeed made up of other imperfect souls like yourself, is ever in need of purification and growth.

But the Church as the Bride of Christ, which she indeed also is, must never and can never change. Those who believe they have changed her; departing from her creed, her commandments, or her prayer; have not done so in the least: they have merely left her (even if they remain physically in the pew), and therefore they have left also her Head, none other than Christ Himself.

What was revealed to us in Christ; handed over to His Apostles, and authoritatively taught and interpreted by their successors is the Faith of Christ. It cannot change and it cannot compromise with culture.

But let this not be considered a burden to you! Christ's yoke is light and sweet. It will truly not be so hard to abandon the sins in your life and the aspects your belief that are in contradiction with True Religion, as the temptations of pride or flesh might have you convinced. It is not only easy to do so with God's grace (which is never denied to a humble and contrite heart) , but once this leap is made, you will see what what you once thought was your freedom was really only an addiction, and being free of it opens up a glorious world to you that previously seemed unattainable.

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