On the Gurus

"There is so much wisdom in people like Deepok Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, and I look to them and others for my spiritual guidance and leadership. I also prefer psychologists and other experts to take advice from instead of priests and nuns who are just obsessed with a 2,000 year old book. "

Without a doubt, there is much wisdom and truth in the teachings of those mentioned above and others like them.

But are they true shepherds?

If we are to be sheep (and in one sense we must be, for we indeed do need spiritual leaders: we cannot figure it all out on our own!), then we must listen closely for the true shepherd's voice. Jesus is the good shepherd. He lays down His life for us. He alone is the way, the truth, and the life. Therefore let Him always be our standard; the One whose teachings all other teachings are compared against to test their validity.

It is good to seek the wisdom and advice and leadership of others. But you cannot do this before your own understanding of the meaning of life has a solid foundation: and that solid foundation can be none other than God Himself, made incarnate in Jesus Christ.

Deepok Chopra - Teaches a semi-Christianized form of pantheism where "all are God."

Eckhart Tolle - Also believes that all are God, but additionally teaches that you don't really exist as an individual person anyway.

Rhonda Byrne - Asserts a made up "law of attraction," in which "thoughts are magnetic," and all you need to do is think about something in order to "manifest" it.

Wayne Dyer - Teaches that mysterious universal energy and "vibrations" are at our disposal in order to "attract abundance."

Byron Katie - Teaches that suffering is a mere consequence of thinking; insisting that "it is optional," and completely under our personal control.

Our hearts know in an instant, with certainty, that none of this is true. We must never cease to listen to our hearts.

It is not difficult to see how all of these teachings contradict the teaching of Christ. You can keep in mind the good advice that these and other recognized spiritual leaders give, but you cannot follow them any longer, for you must never walk in anyone's path but Christ's, and those who in turn walk in His path. You must pray for them, for despite their fame and their facade of scholarship, they are confused and lost, and they are the ones who need your help.