"I have no time for and no interest in fairy tales. Modern academics, especially the physical sciences, have uncovered and conquered what religion never could. That is where I find my truth, not in myths. "

Contrary to these assertions, one simple question should be considered:

When has the academic frontier delivered on its promises?

For almost three centuries now, since the so-called "Enlightenment," (albeit with radically increased audacity in the past few decades) the "bold innovators" in the miscellaneous fields have assured us we are on the verge of so many accomplishments that have never (and will never) come to pass. They promise us health, and we grow more incapacitated. They promise us happiness, and we are ever more depressed. They promise us prosperity, and our modern order is on the brink of collapse. They promise us safety, and we are ever more prone to debilitating disasters. They promise us peace, and there is only growing conflict and war. What is more, this has all been foretold even by the secular "prophets" who nevertheless had the insight to realize that the continued imperialistic march of Enlightenment rationalism would soon destroy our society and our lives.

Such failure; such demonstrated utter cluelessness about the anticipated fruits of their labors, can only result from a totally inadequate foundation undergirding their pursuits.

It is time for the intellectuals of the world to find solid ground. (He who writes these words is himself an intellectual and a professor) Science and technology are very good things. They must be pursued with vigor, but they must also be pursued with a recognition of their proper place. For the various sciences to reject the fundamental truths upon which they rest is no more useful than a worker tearing apart the floor to build a ceiling, and will not cause societal progress to occur any more than removing the guardrails from a highway along a cliff will increase traffic flow.

What are these fundamental truths? They are the philosophical and theological truths concerning man, God, and nature. How are they rejected today by modern scholarship?

Relativism - Rejects the existence of truth; but in the very act of doing so posits a truth

Secularist Psychology - Rejects the truth of the soul as having free will, and the fact that this must be governed by the natural moral law

Darwinism - Rejects that man is ordered and the fact that order cannot arise by chance

Freudianism - A seriously flawed psychological approach that many seek to discard valid religious explanations with.

Faith and reason go together, and never contradict:

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